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OSCAR Oscar desperately wants to be a woodpecker. He loves everything about wood: its smell, look, and taste, but there is an issue. His beak is simply too weak for such work. He studied under the most famous, renowned woodpeckers in the country, but nothing could make his beak stronger. After his failed studies, he flew around the world with no direction, thinking about the meaning of life. To him, the meaning of life was wood, but that had been taken from him. He found peace working in libraries, finding that the smell of books was strikingly similar to his favorite types of wood.

ELOISE Eloise grew up in a family of humans, and they treated her like a human, so her English is incredible and her ability to interact with others is much better than most birds. She went to a human university, where people at first did not understand that there was a bird named Eloise who acted like a human. Word got around, however, and eventually she was treated like anyone else. She graduated with a business degree and began internships around the city. She became an incredibly successful businesswoman and an advocate for bird-human relations. She eventually retired from business, and now writes a column in Bird Weekly about her experiences growing up with humans.

ISAIAS For many years, you could always count on finding Isaias in the library at his university. He didn't read, though. The silence of the study areas relaxed him, and he desperately needed a break from his difficult graduate classes. When he graduated, he found that he didn't need silence to sort through his many thoughts. Isaias began talking, and he never stopped. He had long conversations with waiters at restaurants, bus drivers, and anyone else who would listen. It doesn't matter much what he is talking about, but his favorite subjects are the weather and ancient bird poetry.

WYATT Wyatt runs a men's formal bird suit shop. Many say that his prices are outrageous, but those who can afford his clothing never look back. Wyatt personally handles all orders and all of his suits are handmade with the finest materials any bird could get their claws on. There are photos circulating of him flying to a convenience store at night to buy ice cream wearing sweatpants and a hoodie, but he insists that they are fake and he grows red and angry if it's ever brought up. Other than that, he is a very kind, thoughtful bird, even if he is a bit of a snob.

BASIL Many years ago, Basil built nests for a living. She was the second best nest craftswoman in the world, but one morning she woke up and discovered that she had forgotten all she had known about nests. Her expert nestcraft books now meant nothing to her. She sunk into a dark depression, but eventually she realized that it was not the knowledge that made her special - it was her go-getter attitude. She no longer has any passion for nestcraft, now taking interest in the flight patterns of South American birds.

HENRY When Henry was a child, he drew compulsively, sometimes getting in trouble with teachers because of it. This habit blossomed when he was in high school, when he began a comic called "Chicken Scratch" that was published weekly. It was about an foolish chicken trying to make his way in the world of stand-up comedy. He would make copies himself and distribute them to the local bookstores. They became immensely popular. He signed a national distribution deal, then an international distribution deal. New issues are now published monthly. Henry requires hours alone to sketch out his ideas. He is a superstar in the bird comic world, but he prefers to keep his personal life a secret to the press.

BARNABUS Barnabus doesn't get what all the hullabaloo about humans running marathons is about. He flies that distance - often more - daily with no problem. He loves long-distance flying. It clears his head and serves as a break from the nonsense that is daily life in his eyes. He often fantasizes about quitting his job and getting up in the air and flying forever, going wherever he pleases.